Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to remove third party Search Results

Recently Google has launched third party website removal tool. It’s very useful for webmaster and users; from this tool they can remove other people website. You can find removal tool here:

From this url you can removed a page completely or if you want to only remove broken link and other bad pages than it’s also helpful for these action.

For more details and suggestion, please visit webmaster central blog:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Google Keyword Tool has Replaced by Google Keyword Planner

Google has some changes in their keyword tool, now in future it will know as a Keyword Planner. With keyword Planner Google has combine their keyword tool and traffic estimator function.

According to Google Keyword Tool is not available longer, it will completely replaced in keyword planner. If you want to use the Keyword Planner Tools than you need to sing in your Google Adwords Account.
Google has added some new features in Keyword Planner Tool. Too many differences between Google keyword tool and Keyword Planner tool.

All over changes are good for users, now who can deeply understand keyword idea and choose write keywords and know more about suggested keyword idea by keyword planner.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What is Google Panda and Penguin Update?

Google Panda:- Google Panda is a name of Google Algorithm launched in February 2011 by Google. It’s a Google update to down low quality website in Google search results and show high quality website near or top of the Google search engine or search results.

After Google Panda update there are many Search engine optimization firm or Internet marketing company very shocked because their many of website they are optimized their ranking or Google search result suddenly turned down. 

“I am a SEO professional. I also realize that some of website they are not optimized, but their structure and content quality is very good, they was coming on page one on Google search result on many keyword phrase. “

Google experts continue working on it. Soon they will give us latest news regarding Google update

Google Penguin:- Google Penguin is also a Google Algorithm. First Google Penguin update announced April 2012. This update was regarding of decrease search engine ranking of the website whose webmaster violate Google’s webmaster guidelines.

They who were not working or avoiding Google guidelines, like cloaking, keyword stuffing, duplicate content etc. they had most affected from this update and affected search related queries in English.

Google Penguin latest update announced May 2013. It called Web 2.0, many micro has affected from this update. It not just content refresh regarding update. It also affected on search queries. According to Mattcutts their team is continue working on search engine optimization. In coming month SEO needs will become something different and more. Not just link submission or link building